How Facebook Live Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

How Facebook Live Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Not long ago business owners would have to go to their local broadcast station in order to advertise their company on live TV. Local owners would also need to let news reporters know when they were having an event so they could showcase it on the 12 o'clock news. This was time-consuming, and full of uncertainty because their spot could be taken for a more pressing issue. Que in Facebook Live. 

Facebook Live allows you to advertise your own events or information on your smartphone or laptop. Being in front of the camera may seem nerve wrecking, but nobody can explain your business better than you can to the community.  


How Does Facebook Live Work?  

Facebook Live is a feature found on Facebook's website and mobile app. It allows businesses to market toward the largest audience in the world, but how exactly does the feature work? It's a fairly fun and simple tool to use. Just go to your news feed, tap or click on the "Live" option and begin broadcasting to your followers. Optimizations such as captions, tagging, and location are also available when going "live." Now that you know how it works, it's time to apply it to your marketing efforts.  

Promote Events 

Facebook Live is a great tool to take advantage of when promoting an upcoming event, or during an event. Instead of writing a Facebook Post on an upcoming occasion, go the extra mile and stream it live. You'll want to create a post exclaiming that you have exciting news, and inform your audience when you'll be revealing the information live on Facebook. You're creating anticipation by doing this.  

When the time comes simply press the "live" icon and explain your new event. Show emotion, this is a personal connection between you and your audience. Make sure to use an easy to remember URL and make it available on your Facebook page for others to see later. Afterward, you can create a traditional Facebook post that describes the event in print.  

Facebook Live also lets you promote events in real time. If your business has a booth set up at the local fair, then you can use Facebook Live to show customers what's going on, and make them want to join you. Seeing is believing, and Facebook Live opens the prospects eyes to exactly what you're doing.  


Tease Products 

Get your customers attention by teasing a product. For example, for Valentine's Day, a local coffee shop may want to bring back its cappuccino heart art. To get customers excited you could go live and show the barista forming the heart on top of the drink. This creates buzz and excitement around the return of your popular item. Coffee shop, or not, your business has something noteworthy about it, and Facebook live can elevate its quality.   


Engage with Facebook Community 

Being active on Facebook is already a great way to engage with your local customers and more than one billion users, but going live lets them see the raw, un-edited business you run. Talking to your audience live allows them to get a sense of your business, and personality. It allows them to know your team, and what to expect when going to your small business location. Have one of your employees give daily updates on what's flying off the shelves lately. Customers will then seek that employees help when they visit your business and wonder what items are still available. You're making the community aware of your team, and what they're capable of. 


Stand out from the Crowd  

Although Facebook Live became available in 2016, it is still relatively new to many users. Get ahead of your competitors and show that you can reach them through any medium. Facebook live is all about living in the moment, so show them what your small business is made out of.  


Drives Traffic to Site  

Facebook Live allows your followers to receive a pop-up notification at the bottom of their screen when using the app. The pop up will show your live video while they're scrolling through their feed. This draws their attention and gets them to click on your video to see what you have to offer. In your live video, you could say "visit our site to learn more about our annual sale." You're then gaining attention online and on your website. 


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