How Important Is Social Media?

How Important Is Social Media?

For most businesses, regardless of the industry, marketing is essential. If customers don’t know you have what they want or need, they won’t come to you. You have to build up awareness of your brand, which can be achieved using various channels. Of course, word of mouth is the gold standard, and there are platforms now that can bolster word-of-mouth efforts. In particular, social media is proving to be a highly effective means of marketing, but why? What can social media bring to your business?

It’s Your Loudspeaker

It’s essential for any business in the 21st century to have a website and other digital tools in order to establish their identity. Websites have now become the business card, brochure, and, for some, even the storefront of a company, so it’s crucial to maintain one.

However, a website does not announce itself to the world, and this is where digital marketing techniques like using social media come into play. Social media allows one to reach out to the public at large, and depending on the product or service you offer, different social media platforms may be more appropriate for reaching your target market.

It’s Cheap

Setting up a social media account is free of charge. Maintaining it, if you want to do so yourself, will only cost you time. In this regard, social media platforms level the playing field between big companies with huge marketing budgets and small businesses where the owner and operator may also be the sole employee.

There are also options to invest in direct advertising on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This is still comparatively lower in cost than traditional advertising methods such as television or radio commercials.

It’s Data

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages that marketing on social media offers is that you get to access a wealth of data that can be analyzed. With traditional media, such as an ad in a magazine or newspaper, there is no useful analytics involved. You know how often an ad is run, but you don’t know how many people end up seeing it. You won’t know if they sought your business as a direct result of that advertising effort unless you ask them.

With social media marketing, you can get direct useful data from people who interact with your content, be it in the form of tweets or photos on Instagram. More importantly, if you go for direct digital marketing on a certain platform, you can get analytics reports. You will be able to find out exactly how many people have seen your post or ad. If you get visits to your website, you can determine how those visitors got there—for instance, they could’ve clicked on one of your promotional posts on Facebook. Soon enough, you’ll know how effective your marketing is, what works, and what doesn’t, allowing you to improve your efforts. 

If you would like to make digital marketing work for you, we can help. Contact ignitedLOCAL today, and we will look at your business and find the right ways to reach your customers digitally.

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