How to Get Higher Engagement on Social Media

How to Get Higher Engagement on Social Media

If you are a business looking for effective ways to achieve higher engagement on social media, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will go over a few ways you can increase your social media engagement quickly. You can ultimately increase the size of your audience and turn users into customers more effectively.


This is one of the most common ways to increase engagement and is also one of the most expensive routes to take. Some businesses elect to spend a portion of their marketing budget on advertising to grow their following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They purchase ads to accomplish this. While this may work to grow your following, you may find that your new audience isn't as committed as someone who may have come across your brand through other means.

Unique Content

As the old saying goes, "content is king." When you are just starting, it is crucial to create relevant, high-quality, and unique content. You can include a mix of your own content with other, more popular content you find online. However, if you choose to do this, always make sure to give credit where the credit is due.

For your own content, you can choose to share quotes, gifs, blogs, videos, or anything else you feel is relevant and meaningful to your industry. With good content, you will have more shares and can grow your social media following.

Social Media Tools

Another good way to improve engagement is by using one of the many tools available to do just that. Buffer, for example, is useful when you are looking to build and track your social media engagement. It allows you to post up to ten posts for free that you can then add hashtags to. Graphics and images can also be added to your posts to boost engagement and interest as well.

Canva is another popular tool many businesses use. It helps you create content for each one of your social media platforms while making sure it is done with the correct dimensions for each platform. It is good for engagement because these posts can be shared with your audience while also giving you more of a competitive advantage when they then share your content and offer you the credit.

Respond to Comments

Don't fail to respond to comments, either. To increase engagement, you need to be social. Every comment is an opportunity to start a conversation with your audience. You can show your appreciation for the positive comments you receive and offer a resolution for any negative feedback.

Offer Encouragement

Finally, encourage your audience to comment, like, and share. There should always be a call to action at the end of each post. People are much more likely to share something when they are asked to do so.

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