How to Use Hashtag Marketing to Increase Leads

How to Use Hashtag Marketing to Increase Leads

Before you start using hashtags to expand your marketing strategies, you need to know a little bit about them. For example, did you know that using more than two hashtags in a tweet can negatively affect your engagement? On Instagram, however, you can use up to 10 hashtags before it affects engagement in a negative way. It’s the small details that you need to know in order to be successful at building you brand awareness.

Why Use Hashtags?

The first step to hashtag usage is to understand why you want to use them. What are your goals? What do you wish to accomplish? Once you have a clear goal in mind, it will be easier to decide just how hashtags can work for you.

Brands that use hashtags in their marketing do so in multiple ways to increase their brand awareness. The most common ways will be discussed in this article. Read through them and decide which ones could possibly take your business to the next level.

Using Branded And Community Hashtags 

If you choose only one type of hashtag to use, a branded hashtag is the one you want to go with. The hashtag should be short, memorable, and include your brand name in some form. If you have difficulty deciding on a branded hashtag, take a look at what others in your industry are doing as well as what’s going around social media. There could be a brand hashtag out there already.

You should use your branded hashtag regularly as it will apply to just about any post at any time. For example, the company Serena and Lily have a branded hashtag of #serenaandlily. This is used in almost every post they put on Instagram. On Twitter, however, they switch to a hashtag for a store location to fit character limitations and avoid being repetitive.

Community hashtags can engage the customer base of larger companies. A version of branded hashtags, community hashtags are often used by larger brands to engage their consumer base. They will still include that brand name in some form but will add something to the end that features the service, such as #TargetAtHome. This makes consumers feel like they are a part of the community with members who share the same likes and experiences. And it still spreads brand awareness.

Using Campaign And Trending Hashtags

Campaign hashtags are typically created for marketing campaigns or contests and have a specific start and end date. They are created to assist in tracking contest entries and measure the chatter around a marketing campaign. They may include the brand name, but the campaign slogan or message is the most important aspect.

When utilizing campaign hashtags, be sure to:

  • Check to make sure the hashtag isn’t being used by someone else
  • See how it looks in different versions
  • Ensure that the letters don’t spell new off-brand words
  • Watch out for words that could appear risqué

You can also use trending hashtags to make a presence in current conversations. The conversations are fast-paced, short-lived and often unpredictable.  If you time it right, however, the payoff can be enormous in terms of brand exposure. If the conversation goes viral, many news outlets will attain the most popular tweets. Word of caution: Unless you track your feeds consistently, this might not be the best option for those who have no idea why it’s trending to begin with.

If you’re still uncertain just how hashtags can work for your marketing agenda, give us a call. At, we know what to do to get your business up and running in social media.