Instafamous Your Business

Instafamous Your Business

Using Instagram for free views and customer participation is a no-brainer. But can you create value-adding content that makes your account worthwhile to follow? For this article, the focus will specifically be about the type of content you need to post and how to create it.

Your business deserves to flourish. This is your livelihood we are talking about. If Kim Kardashian can have over 100 million followers, surely you can achieve a following of at least a few thousand.

And you will!

Like most social media, people are naturally drawn to Instagram. It's something to look at, something to do, it gives people a topic to discuss with friends, families, and co-workers. Look for a niche that your business can provide. How is it you can add to the daily conversation of your followers?

Think about your content as micro-interactions. There is no way to have several thousand conversations with potential customers in person. But on Instagram, you can. It is your responsibility as a local business owner to build a brand. Let the people see what you're doing.

Take Good Photos

While this may seem like obvious information, many small businesses post subpar photographs. Don't think of Instagram as a lazy way to interact with customers, think of it as an artistic medium. If you want people to follow you then start taking pride in the pictures you are posting. Even though people are wasting time on Instagram, it doesn't mean they want to waste their time with valueless subject matter.

People want the best, always.

Think about it, would you ever follow an Instagram account you didn't like? No way. Make every photo you take a work of art.

Rule of thirds If you don't know, using the rule of thirds is a simple beginner's photography tactic to taking above average pictures. Instead of making the subject matter the center of the picture put it off to the side. Think of your camera screen like a tic-tac-toe game. Put your subject matter in the areas where the lines intersect. This draws the reader's attention to the whole photo and gives it a more interesting look.

Beware of post-processing  When you are taking a picture, don't think of it as capturing an image. Instead, imagine it is a painting and your brush is the available light. Try to take the best possible picture you can. Even with all the fancy filters, Instagram has to offer, people are still most interested in good, standalone pictures.  Spending too much time on the post-production process means the picture you took is probably no good. If it takes more than a couple minutes to get it ready for posting, trash it.

Relatable subject matter  What is your picture about? Will someone who might frequent your business enjoy it? Posting pictures of you wading through paperwork or stuck in rush hour is realistic but nobody wants to see that. People have enough commuting and paperwork of their own to deal with. What is it that your company offers that's different and special.

Animals and people  Kittens, puppies, dogs, and people, all make for great photos. Think about it, do you want your business associated with puppies and kittens? Most likely, your answer is yes. Plus, animal pictures will garner automatic follows and comments. There is a sizable percentage of the population that is absolutely pet crazy

And what about people pictures? Showing happy people with your products or services is worth a thousand words. Smiling photos and people simply being relatable shows how customer friendly your business is. Showing your humanity is what social media is all about, embrace it.


Let Your Instagram Flow

At the end of the day, share posts that are fun for you. If you like what you're posting, chances are, so will others. Keep it light and fun, try to make jokes. Practice really does make perfect, the more you do it the better your account will become. Focus on creating valuable content, and make your Instagram sizzle.

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