Instagram Stories Becoming Popular In Digital Marketing

Instagram Stories Becoming Popular In Digital Marketing

If you’ve never thought about Instagram as a digital marketing platform for your business, it’s high time you gave it another look. With the advent of Instagram Stories, it’s become a highly popular way to get your videos and photos out to an audience that might not find you otherwise.

Video Success Beyond Snapchat

The Instagram Story lets you share photos and videos with your followers. What makes it unique is that each post you share expires and disappears after 24 hours unless you make them permanent on your Instagram profile. Instagram users can access your Instagram Story by clicking on your profile picture, which will be outlined in bright orange to indicate that your profile has an active Story ready to be viewed.

The 24-hour expiration date might seem similar to what occurs on Snapchat, but don’t let that limit your scope. Be aware that Instagram Stories out-perform Snapchat on every level, including the amount of active daily users.  With over 25 million business accounts on Instagram, this can be an important tool for marketing by giving your followers a glimpse of your company’s personality. In turn, this makes you seem more authentic to your followers.

Becoming A Storyteller 

Instagram Stories gives businesses a way to have conversations and tell a tale in a casual way, quite unlike marketing devices from years ago. The Story puts your followers in the present with you as it unfolds and gets them interested in what you have to say. You create buy-in by sharing your story, and that’s where the conversion process truly begins. It’s the human element that resonates with audiences today, and Instagram Stories provide that.  

If you continually post bulk Instagram content throughout the day, it can have an adverse effect. It can feel intrusive, which is not how you want to appear to your audience. Some of the issues that can occur include:

  • You can get flagged as a spammer
  • Your audience might get very annoyed
  • You’ll become un-followed

Stories are designed for continuous watching and consumption, so the more content you post, the better. And since it will only be live for 24 hours, the content does not need to be perfect. Users are pleased to see the real business behind the brand, and that makes you more authentic. It’s the best place to “get-real” and captivate an audience that is obsessed with streaming.

Driving Traffic

If you acquire over 10,000 followers on Instagram, you can unlock additional Stories features, including the ability to link to Instagram profiles and add external links to each Stories post. The inability to direct link within post copy has been frustrating to many businesses, but Stories changes the pattern by driving traffic based on interest that can come from blog content. 

Another cool thing that Stories offers is the ability to poll your audience. Not only can this increase engagement, it can be used in a way to collect voice-of-the-customer data.  Polls are very popular in discovering just what your audience is thinking and what resonates with them.

Stories are meant to be shared more often than a standard post to give your audience a closer look at who you are.  Though the data on Instagram Stories in relation to organic reach has had limited research, active Stories do show up higher in search results. Plus, you also have the ability to add hashtags and location tags to each story post, which will help your account to show up in search results related to that hashtag or location. If you have any thoughts or questions about using Instagram Stories, contact for assistance today.