Is Your Local Business Organizing Social Media the Right Way?

Is Your Local Business Organizing Social Media the Right Way?

Digital marketing is a cornerstone of any small business outreach. Being crucial for lead generation, incorporating organizational strategies to maximize your outreach will prove to be beneficial to your company.  Creating a scalable system that aligns with quality CMS software will help alleviate unnecessary stresses surrounding any social media campaign.  


ignitedLOCAL provides digital marketing solutions that centralize and automate the social media for local businesses. 


Create Organized Timetables for Instagram Posts 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps on the planet.  What makes it so unique is the energetic and overall youthful demographic.  The majority of users are under the age of 30, depending on your business this could be the ideal buyer persona.  It also means Instagram should be treated as an investment, not a second thought.  

When posting on Instagram there are some specific practices that can improve your following. 


  • Produce original content.  Sounds easy, right? Post a new pic once or twice a day and watch the likes roll in. It's so easy, everyone could do it –  well – unfortunately, it's not that easy. It takes more than just pictures, it takes meaningful images that cause a user to stop and engage with your business. This means posting quality images. 

It also means organizing your pictures and creating an easy to follow schedule for posting. A good tip is to create a spreadsheet where the day and time of each post is easily plugged in. This can make reviewing what content you have posted and which ones were the most popular easy to decipher.  It also means categorizing your pictures and creating easy to follow posting guidelines. Duplicating content is a sure-fire way to turn off users, in modern society, original content is king. 


  • Follow users. If all you do is post, most likely, your images are going nowhere fast. People create an Instagram to gain followers and talk about themselves. Nobody is going out of their way to find your business. To gain followers, you must first be a follower. Find other Instagram users that are similar to the niche you are in. Give them a follow, let them know you are a real person.  The more you put yourself out there, the more opportunity there will be to grow your own following.  

For every person, you follow, record it. Create a spreadsheet with the username and date followed. This will create a data pool you can use to track followers and those that don't. This makes it possible to go through and purge your following list to only include those who are also your followers.  

  • Engage with the 'gram. Become a power user of Instagram. Start liking other people's photos and leave comments. Create conversations – friendly ones – with other users in your industry. Seeing your business name next to a thoughtful comment can sometimes be just as useful as posting an original picture.  

As always, keep track of your comments. This may seem tedious but having a visual web of your interactions can help track the most successful interactions. Look for patterns or specific comments that helped bring in new followers or even leads.  


Organize Your Twitter and Facebook too! 

More user-friendly – from a marketing perspective – Facebook and Twitter make it easy. Using TweetDeck you can schedule your tweets weeks, months, even years into the future. Facebook makes it just as easy to schedule posts, all you need is a business account. Just like Instagram, creating a healthy following on these social media sites take dedication. Be sure to create original content on a regular basis.  

Keep track of the posts you make, creating easy to read spreadsheets. Organizing how frequently posts occur can make posting and increasing engagement that much easier.  People are inundated with social media on a daily basis, the best way to make your business stand out is to be consistent with quality content.  


Using a CMS to Automate Social Media 

How awesome would it be if software existed that automated your social media posting? ignitedLOCAL has created a CMS with a centralized hub that automates all social media. Contact to control how frequently you post and where you post with our proprietary software.