Jumping on Consumer Trends Can Help Your business Grow

Jumping on Consumer Trends Can Help Your business Grow

Culture is never static. New trends and fads are always making an appearance in time to be quickly forgotten about. Inside jokes, TV shows, even books can hold the collective thought process for a few weeks at a time.  For many, being up to date on the latest trend is how they can communicate with strangers. It offers an easy topic for small talk and a way to interact with others. 

As a local business, these micro-popularity bursts offer a small but lucrative window to make a splash. Many of these trends are fueled by a product or a company. They have found a vein within society that is hungry for a certain type of entertainment. The public following is supported by a fast-growing social media campaign. The hashtags, videos, and memes are at times, being produced organically and at a rapid pace. 

Taking advantage of this situation can be easy to do. You don't have to re-invent the wheel or even produce original content. A simple repost and sharing of the trend on your own website and social media accounts can make your business part of the hype.  


Making Memes 

Depending on the trend, creating a meme featuring your business can be funny. The funnier your outreach is, the more followers you will gain. This holds true for most scenarios but especially when a specific mania is sweeping a demographic. Playing into the fun makes your company look cool and "with-it". Building memes and incorporating the latest slang will pay dividends in the long run. 


Fads are a time when the focus should be on growing your overall reach. Expand your social media with jokes and memes to increase long-term traffic to your online website. When the fad changes and dies down, you will be left with an expanded internet following. You can then continue original content creation and continue building your followers.  


Social Media Comments 

1/3 of readers view or glance at the comment section of an article. This is not to say everyone is commenting but a sizable percentage reads them. If your company has its own account, complete with a profile picture, you can start building a reputation through comments. Start following news stories and other articles related to the industry you find yourself in.  Chances are, the same readers of these posts will be in the demographic that you are trying to engage. Over time, your tenacity in the comments section will let people begin to recognize your business and some will even visit your site.  

Commenting is another great way to piggyback off a popular article or story. If a piece of content is garnering tons of views, there is nothing wrong with popping your brand into the comment section. It is all part of your online presence.  


Showing Your Business Pays Attention 

Consumers do not want to be treated like "consumers". I have probably turned off a few readers with my impersonal phrasing. Keeping your business entrenched in the latest pop culture hits shows how flexible you are. While usually silly and even stupid at times, trends show people the human side of your business.  

When keeping up with the times, your business will naturally follow along. This includes your employees and products. If your marketing division is constantly innovating and growing, the rest of your company will naturally want to join in. Trends and fads are fun for your company culture as well. Cultivating a modern approach to how you do business will flow into customer interactions.  

On the whole, people like to be included. Catering to broad, popular trends will create an approachable business. Do not be fearful of the new and strange trends "the kids" are into. Ignoring the ever-changing landscape will doom your business.  

There is always the fear of trying too hard and being ostracized because of it. But even this fate is not as bad as the one where people ignore your business and worse, laugh it off.  Consumers appreciate brands that make an effort to keep up with the times. Decisions are made on emotions, taking part in fads and trends can keep your market appeal high.