The Importance of Facebook Campaigns for a Small Business

The Importance of Facebook Campaigns for a Small Business

For a small business it takes time to build up the reputation and financial standing of the company.  Website traffic doesn't just happen overnight, although we wish it did. For many years small companies have had to go out of business because of the marketing expense of gaining an audience. Today there is a quick and easy way to boost your recognition without breaking the bank. It's called Facebook Campaigns. 

Yes, it's true, a social media site is the answer to your problems. Whether you're a self-starting company or a mom and pop shop, Facebook Campaigns is an excellent tool to use to advertise events or bring awareness to the company in general.  


How to Create a Facebook Campaign 

 It's a simple process that we will gladly guide you through while explaining its importance to your businesses success. 


Step 1:  Login to your personal Facebook account

You will need a Facebook account to create a Facebook Campaign, but that should have been a given. If you do not already have an account you will login at, and go forward with the process from there. 


Step 2:  Make and Customize Your Campaign 

At the top right corner of your computer screen there is a dropdown arrow option. After clicking this button, a list will appear, click "Create Ads" to begin the process.

If you're not sure about what you want to do then the button right below titled "Advertise on Facebook" will give you an in-depth explanation of the process and how ad placement works.  


Once you have decided what you would like to advertise about your business you can customize the ad to link to your website, or anywhere you'd like. This allows your company to appear on possible customers Facebook pages, and if they click the ad it will bring in traffic to your site.  Facebook Campaign also has many tracking options that let you know where traffic is coming in from, and if you're meeting your goals. These options can be crafted to your businesses liking. 


Step 3:  Pay Now, Save Later  

Ad investments can be risky for a small business However, Facebook lets you experiment with paid advertisements without the risk of investing a lot of money. After creating your ad, you can choose a payment and billing option. Gone are the days of investing in an iffy marketing campaign. With Facebook you know your budget, and you can customize the amount of money you're willing to spend without investing a lump sum 



Monitor and Watch your Traffic Grow 

After setting up your campaign you can now watch your small business flourish. More than 900 million people visit the social media site daily. Which means your online campaign is saving money, time, and reaching a larger audience. Speaking of a larger audience, by using the social media site your ad can be translated to multiple languages. Better yet, you can optimize your ad to only be viewed by people who speak a certain language. The options are never-ending, and the possibility for growth is inevitable for a small business.  


For more ways to boost your businesses online presence make sure to contact IgnitedLocal