Why Every Business Needs To Be On Facebook

Why Every Business Needs To Be On Facebook

Social media is a big tool that is being utilized by many businesses and should definitely be high on your list of priorities. It doesn’t matter what channel your clients are currently using; Facebook is one channel you need to be active on if you are a B2C business.

New Website

When a business is started today, it is very rare that they do not also create a website for their business. The same concept should apply when utilizing Facebook. It is also important to remember that just because you have a Facebook account doesn’t mean you are officially good to go.

You need to update and upload content to your Facebook page regularly so that you can show that your business is real, and you are taking the time to engage your audience. Many people will immediately go to Facebook to check out a new website or business they heard about.

The First Stop for Research

Facebook is one of the first stops when it comes to researching your business, so if potential customers go to your Facebook page and find that you are not uploading content on a regular basis and the feed is quiet, then they may assume you aren’t really an actual legitimate business.

If they like what they see on Facebook, they are also more likely to share and comment on the content you are providing, and this will get referrals to your page for new business. Fun, entertaining, and helpful content usually means that more people will be drawn to your page and will refer others.

You should try to post to your Facebook page at least twice per week to start with and make sure the page looks professionally done, so it is more appealing.

Guarantees Your Posts Will Show

Now that you have set up your page and are ready to go with the content, you need to make sure that people actually see your posts. Facebook can be challenging when it comes to marketing your business without setting aside a budgeted amount for marketing.

However, you can tell your audience to make sure they have the ‘See First’ option selected so they can receive all of your post notifications. They need to hover over the ‘Follow’ tab, choose ‘See First’ from the drop-down menu and then click All On (Posts) under notifications.

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